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Ways to get an affordable hotel room

Looking for an affordable hotel? Yes, it’s been crazy difficult to get one at a cheap price over the past few years but I guarantee you that there are still some out there that you can find if you just look hard enough.

Here are just some tips on how you can get the best and most affordable hotels out there:

Look out for coupon codes and deals

It’s not common for hotels to offer coupons or deals but if it’s an off peak season, hotels would still want all the rooms to be occupied. You can scour the web for coupon codes as they are normally found on deal websites and third party booking sites.


This normally doesnt apply to hotels but to people who rent out their place. If their place hasn’t been booked by the a week or two before you get there, they’d allow negotiations to lower the price. Would they prefer a slash on their total income or no income at all?

Last minute deals

Now this one applies to hotels. Hotels, just like people who rent out their place, would prefer their rooms to be occupied.

Weekdays have the lowest prices

During weekends, a lot of people travel. This is the most common time where people are free and they get to do what they want. In weekends, there’s a lot less people going out to other destinations so hotels aren’t as occupied as they should be.

Neighborhood next to city center

The business district or the most populous districts can have the most expensive cost when it comes to booking and reservation. It’s best to find hotels that are a few stops away from the center.

Compare your options

Different deal websites usually offer different prices. It would be best if you can check all these websites before you finalize your reservation.